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The Reluctant Fanboy 2 (It’s love Jim but not as we know it)

Well don’t I feel stupid. After my first day of frustration with my new iPad (resulting in my previous ranting post) I now find myself besotted with this silly little toy. What started out as “an over priced etch-a-sketch” has … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Fanboy

Having spent the last few months as a dissenting voice regarding Apple’s iPad, yesterday I found myself in a shop handing over £700 for one. Now, before any of my friends call a doctor, I must add that it’s for … Continue reading

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Guess what’s “more harmful than heroin”?

That would be alcohol, so says former government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt in an article he co wrote and which is published in today’s Lancet. This startling claim certainly had me spraying a mouthful of my morning G&T all over the … Continue reading

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