Land Rover Discovery Sdv6 HSE Luxury Review

IMG_1331Best described as Range Rover in the front, garden shed in the back. I have always loathed the shape of this car. It just looks like someone dropped a big cube of stupid behind the two front seats. It’s a vehicle carrying a load, not a properly sculpted car. Designed by two committees, one responsible for the front and the other for the rear and neither on speaking terms with the other.

Phew, I feel better for that and at least it won’t get printed. So, what do I think about this review car? It’s OK. The equipment levels are good, sumptuous even but at £18K above the SE, I’m not sure. Maybe I would buy the cheaper model and option it up with just what I want rather than what JLR (sounds like a low rent boy band) wants me to have.

DiscoveryI guess that the first thing you have to come to terms with when you buy a Discovery is the fact that you can’t afford a Range Rover. Once you’ve got that out of your system, you need to decide how much of what the Discovery can do, you need. More specifically, do your children go to a school in the north of Scotland where for the best part of the winter term, several feet of snow stand between them and acceptable GCSE pass grades. If not, maybe also look at the (dreadful and I can’t believe I am even suggesting this) BMW X5. It’s a bit of a hairdresser’s car but it’s sportier on tarmac.

Once you have sorted that out, you can then decide how pretty the inside of your car should be, bearing in mind that externally, it is intrinsically ugly as explained above. Options abound, most of which are down to personal choice. I always go for the premium quality leather as a must have (stops your car looking like a 2nd hand taxi on resale) and dual zone climate control to avoid arguments with the wife. A memory function for the driver’s seat position is also a must have if you are over 50 and everything annoys you. After that, it’s your choice. It’s just a shame that there is no option to stop it being ugly.

All in all, our few days blatting around the Lake District were not at all unpleasant – fun even. The car exhibits a bit too much body roll in the bends for my liking but then I’d only just finished reviewing a Range Rover Sport which comes in at £30K over the price of this beast. Other than that, it does what it says on the tin, has solid 4WD underpinnings and if I lived up a hill just above the “h” in the middle of nowhere, I’d have one in a flash. Solid car.

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