Anyone fancy “a leap in the dark”?

Yes indeed, this is the fantastic opportunity brought to the whole nation by our less than fantastic Prime Minister. So does even he think that EU vote is heading blindfolded into uncertainty? After all, this is the future of our nation that we are talking about, not a bungee jump after dusk.

“A Leap in the dark” were the exact words David Cameron, or “HamCam” as I prefer to think of him, used to describe the forthcoming EU referendum or “one of the biggest decisions we will face in our lifetimes” – again, his words.

I personally think that there is a fundamental flaw in even having this referendum. Every 4 years, we elect a government to govern for us. That includes David Cameronmaking policy, delivering services, taxing us and taking the huge decisions which, frankly, many of us are not qualified to make, either by lack of information, education or knowledge. Going to war, ensuring our national security, leaving the EU – all of these decisions require great thought and wisdom, not bandwagon chasing or a “red top” certainty of the facts.

Regardless of which way I vote on this, I am annoyed that I even have to. All the other major political parties (Labour, LibDem, SNP) would never have even offered this vote because they understand what a huge danger it represents to our country, placing such major responsibility in the hands of those least equipped to make the decision?

It’s a bit like turning up at the airport for a flight and rather than hearing the usual boarding announcement, you hear “Who fancies flying the plane today?”. Yes, that may be the most democratic approach (much better than having a bunch of highly educated rich people doing it) but probably not the best. So why then are the Government devolving such monumental decisions to those who elected them to make monumental decisions? This is serious stuff.

This is what the referendum is in simple terms. Cameron has only done this to appease the rabid right wing of his own party, who would rather tear themselves apart over Europe, even to the detriment of the nation, than work in any form of collegial relationship with the EU. John Major could not silence them. I think Cameron has taken the easy way out and let the rest of us be dammed.

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One Response to Anyone fancy “a leap in the dark”?

  1. Sarah says:

    Well said. Added to which I recently watched Suffragette and therefore feel compelled to vote – as the credits rolled up I dramatically said to my 12 year old daughter we must for evermore exercise our franchise even if we have to crawl to the ballot box on hands and knees – we must honour our forebears who sacrificed so much.

    But what do I do when I get there? I can’t even get to the second paragraph of any article about the EU because it’s so mind numbingly dull. They are derogating their responsibilities!

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