Is someone holding a mirror up to us?


On one of today’s Sunday morning politics TV shows, I heard a discussion about the outrage over Trump closing the borders and how we should respond to that. I almost choked on my cornflakes when I heard someone say that May should stand up against Trump and demonstrate our core British values. Well if you think back to June 23rd, we kind of did.

Stop refugees from entering the UK? Check
Stop foreigners entering the UK? Check
Stop people entering the UK on religious grounds? Check

This is what many (and I will not say all) actually meant when they said they wanted to David Cameron“take back control”. Some went as far as actually stating as much in relation to border control being specific about status, race or religion. And now, someone has actually gone and done it, not here, but in the World’s most powerful nation. What do we have to teach this man? What is our track record recently? Cameron’s woeful promise to admit 20,000 refugees by 2020 when Merkel took 800,00 in one year?

I think our nation had better keep a little quiet on this one. It might be best if we let the Germans, French or Swedes take the lead.

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