Finally some sense…

“It is absurd to say that every elector knew the difference between the “Customs Union” and the “Single Market” and had taken a careful and studied view on the basis of our future trade relations with Europe”.

And there we have it. Ignorance rules. Simply shouting “OUT, OUT, OUT”, “BREXIT means BREXIT” and other such moronic slogans, as I have both heard and seen written does not derogate from our responsibility to act responsibly and with the best intentions of our nation in mind. Jingoism and the mindless repetition of Farage’s verbal vomit condemns us to a future considerably worse than that which we faced pre 23rd June. I just love to hear people say they did it for their children’s future. They categorically did not. It was a supreme act of selfishness, pulling up the ladder so that others could not follow. Our country should be ashamed.

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