I started this blog on a different site back in 2007 as a way of sharing my experiences whilst travelling for work. However, as business travel is inherently dull, it simply turned into a long list of the things in life that deeply piss me off. I quickly got bored of it and only the more disturbed amongst my family and friends actually read it.

I now live in the UK with my wife, 2 kids and 5 cats following almost 5 years in Belgium where I still work. I have a passion for technology which is kind of handy because I work in IT. My other passions are photography, driving and (non business related) travel. This has been the motivation to start this new site on which I hope to feature some of my photography and a few stories of my more recent travels. I’ve also copied across a few of my older articles in an attempt to prove that 3 years has done nothing for my level of maturity.

Thanks for dropping by!